What is Epigenetics?

A Message from our technology partner Dr. Silvia (ONDAMED),

10 years ago I interviewed with Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the book “Biology of Belief”, who is known around the world for his work on Epigenetics. What a brilliant man; humble, sweet, funny, loving, who has an important message for all of us about Epigenetics.
Although the interview was back in June of 2008, the message is as new and exciting today as it was back then. Play each section as time allows. Certainly, there is no doubt in my mind, you will greatly enjoy learning more about the realm of Epigenetics, Energetics, The Field, and Electromagnetism in medicine.

Click on this link to listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Jim Oschman, Dr. Wolf-Dieter Kessler, and on the call also was the late amazing Dr. Valerie Hunt.



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