Body Contouring Treatment

The TEI system is a method of treatment that builds on electronic stimulation of the muscles and infrared heat (that goes up to 4cm deep into the body tissue) and has several treatment areas because of its 21 effective programs. With these programs the TEI system can treat:

  • Cellulite
  • Fatty cellulite
  • Edematous cellulite
  • (Local) fat deposits through fat drainage
  • Problems with blood circulation (Increased blood and lymph circulation, which allows for nutrients and oxygen to be accelerated to the cells of the body and waste products to be transported away more rapidly)

The TEI-system can also help you with:

  • Tightening and intense tightening of the skin (for example after child birth or heavy weight loss)
  • To drain excess fluid from the body
  • Figure shaping and muscle toning (through a combination of the infrared heat and the electronic muscle stimulation)
  • Drainage of the lymphs

The TEI-system can be:

  • Mentally relaxing (because of increased blood circulation)
  • Muscle relaxing (and even focus on specific knots in the muscles)
  • Passive stimulation of a specific muscle
  • Increased metabolism (not just during the treatment, but continued afterwards)

A treatment takes 45 minutes and for the best results it is recommended to take at least 10 treatments. In some cases results can be noticed after only one treatment, but every one has a different body composition and every one will therefore need a different number of treatments to reach the desired results. The needed number of treatments off-course also depends on what you are treated for and what your goal with the treatments is.

To think about:

  • The treatments are done on naked skin, which means that you will have to be undressed down to your underwear during the treatment. (You will be offered some form of cover like a blanket or a sheet during the treatment so you won’t feel naked)
  • The electrodes are covered with a contact gel which can feel very cold when it comes in contact with your skin. Be prepared for that.
  • The treatments are, or can be quite strenuous, so expect that you will sweat. For this reason, and the previous one, it is advised to bring an extra set of underwear.
  • You will be offered a small towel and warm water to dry yourself off with, so you leave the clinic with a fresh feeling.
  • Because the treatment is strenuous and you will sweat it is important to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink therefore before and after the treatment. During the treatment it can be hard to drink, since you will be lying on your back, but if needed you off-course will be assisted with for example a straw.
  • Be sure to go to the bathroom before the treatment starts; the heat and the electrical stimulation could affect your bladder and bowels, and could give an uncomfortable feeling during treatment.
  • Don’t chew gum during the treatment; the shaking could make it go down you throat.

This electrical treatment will not be given to people who:

  • Have a pacemaker or other electronic implants
  • Are epileptic

There are also reservations when pregnant

The heat treatment will not be given to people who:

  • Suffer from warmth sensitivity (for example elderly with certain illnesses)
  • Have a fever
  • Suffer from hemorrhoids (could cause bleeding)
  • Momentarily are heavily menstruating
  • Have serious blood circulation problems like thrombosis and similar
  • Are pregnant
  • Have cancer

Caution should be kept for people with high blood pressure since the treatment could cause unconsciousness in these cases.


The results of this treatment can vary, just like with all treatments, from person to person. Some can see the effect after just one treatment, while for others it can take 5 or more. Unfortunately we can’t change anything about how our bodies are constructed. It also depends on your goal with the treatments and how effective you can do each.
The TEI system has several “activity levels” in both warmth and electricity, and the higher level you as patient ask for, the more effective the treatment will be.

There are loads of factors that affect our body and our physical health: sleep, diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption, tobacco and stress just to name a few. These factors even have an effect on the TEI treatment itself and by keeping in mind to sleep well, eat good (a balanced diet with little sugar and fat), exercise just a bit more, avoid drinking alcohol (or at least not drink until intoxicated) or the use of tobacco and try to stress less, you can reach results much faster.
If you would change things in the other direction: sleep less, eat unbalanced with a lot of sugar and fat, exercise less, regularly drink alcohol (often until intoxicated), smoke more, use more snus and stress more, you will counteract the effects of the TEI treatment.
The only way to know whether the effects you achieve (or don’t achieve) depend directly on the TEI treatment is to not do anything different than usual, except for taking the treatment. This though is very difficult to estimate and control (and we off-course will never encourage to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle, just to be able to appreciate the effect of the TEI treatments).