Skin Disorders


PEMF & Bioresonance Therapy for Skin Problems

The skin is the largest organ in our body

Dermatological diseases

Skin disease, especially if it affects the face or other visible parts of the body, is an allergic symptom which is often regarded subjectively as particularly unpleasant. The disorder is impossible to hide from other people and fear of possible contagion may lead some sufferers to withdraw from social contact. Allergically induced rashes may affect only small areas of the body or extend throughout the whole body. Symptoms range in intensity from slight reddening of the skin through scaly for oozing eczema to ulceration. The symptoms are almost always linked with itching of varying severity. Scratching provide a short-term relief but usually aggravates the rash and can lead to additional infections. In conventional medicine is a distinction is made between acute or chronic skin eruptions and eczema neuronal dermatitis and some other clinical pictures. Treatment is usually topical; the cause generally unknown. Cortisone ointment certainly helps but only while it is applied. Numerous alternative therapists with many years of experience in this area have found that chronic food allergies to cow’s milk, or wheat, usually coupled with intestinal mycosis, plays a crucial role in neurodermatitis and chronic eczema. Many of these cases have been treated successfully using ONDAMED & BICOM bioresonance therapy (


Spring Oasis therapist will look at what is stressing your body from the inside rather than treat the symptoms, if the body is not eliminating toxins effectively they can come out of the skin which is an elimination organ. A typical session will include basic therapy, liver, lymph and kidney programs to help remove toxins from the body. It is important to remove stress such as parasites, candida and allergens, by removing these the body is under less stress and often skin conditions become much improved.