Cancer Support

Scientific studies on Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) and its healing effects in carcinogenic conditions have been limited. Notwithstanding, there are agreed findings showing that tumor cells produce different biophotonic emissions compared to healthy cells or tissues.

BRT fundamentally aims at the restoration of normal healthy body functions by primarily targeting such basic metabolism aberrations, and has been proposed to be essentially helpful.

Though researchers have yet to come up with controlled scientific reports as to how bio-resonance can effectively treat cancer, there are many studies that qualify it as a possible method to alleviate pain in cancer patients. Furthermore, it has positive effects at the immune system level in fighting cancer development in individuals.

Fedorowski and others, in a 2004 study, investigated the effects of LF-EM (low-frequency electromagnetic) waves on carcinogenic and tumor development processes in experimental rats. In this study, they concluded that LF-EM waves (which are principally what BRT utilizes) may be able to induce effective immunological processes and also ultimately cause the death of tumor cells.

In other studies, powerful electromagnetic fields have also been postulated to assist in the healing process of cancer of the bones, liver, and minimize frequent migraine headaches.


What is the Effect of Bioresonance Therapy on Metastasis?

Metastasis is the spread of cancerous cells from one tissue or organ to another non-adjacent tissue or organ. According to the designers of one of the renowned bio-resonance machines, this particular model could stop cancerous cells from metastasizing and spreading to other areas of the body.

It could also have the capacity to energize non-cancerous cells and promote their nutrient uptake ability. The effect of BRT on the cancer types that spread through microbes entering the bloodstream and cell division is also thought to be beneficial.


Can Bioresonance Therapy Reduce the Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation?

Radio-chemotherapeutic side effects often reduce the survivability and quality of health of cancer patients. Side effects can include fatigue, pain, alopecia (loss of hair), and some infections following chemo-radiotherapy. Late secondary side effects may include the secondary proliferation of tumors and myelotoxicity, which is a reduction of the strength of immunity to infections and bleeding.

In a 2007 study involving a model device that could produce ELF-EMF (Extremely-Low-Frequency- Electromagnetic-Fields), carried out by Rossi and others. The intracellular and the cyclic ionic resonance produced was reported to minimize and prevent myelotoxicity induced by chemotherapy in a sample of patients diagnosed with the lymphatic system cancer called “Hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

ELF-EMF is regarded by advocates of bio-resonance therapy as being the bio-resonance principle.


The Influence of Bio-resonance Therapy on the Immune System

Current research shows bio-resonance aids the immune system by boosting its strength, increases the intracellular cell communication frequencies that enhance healthy living, and combats the after effects of radio-chemotherapy. Harmful pathogens (yeasts, bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells) have been destroyed via consistent BRT therapy.

The immune system functions to aid in the detoxification process of eliminating harmful foreign material. By using BR therapy, the natural excretion systems are boosted; this strengthens the effect of the immune system in maintaining a healthy body.

Once the immune system is boosted, and its functionality enhanced, healthy cells can proliferate and replace the unhealthy ones, leading to the overall well-being of the individual.

In a study by Fedorowski and others in 2004, electromagnetic waves characteristic of BRT were used in experimental design involving Buffalo rats. The treatment was reported to have the ability to induce high-activity immune response mechanisms that were cell-mediated. The conclusion was that there was a positive correlation between the resonance treatment and effective immunological response.


Does Bioresonance Therapy Increase Quality of Life and Survival Rate?

Whereas bio-resonance therapy has been shown to have many positive physiological responses to different conditions, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer have been found to have numerous side effects. Indeed, and after many studies, there are still no known adverse effects of bio-resonance therapy.

The adverse effects of other treatments can be minimized by complimenting their use with the bio-resonance application.

By using bio-resonance therapy, other benefits may accrue, which are: an improved healthy state, boosted neurotransmitter functions (leading to improved memory), increased cell energy and intercellular communication to enhance normal body functioning, and faster recovery from ailments, among others.


Effects of Bioresonance therapy

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Rejuvenates cellular functions
  • Boosts the natural healing process
  • Minimizes post-radiotherapy and post-chemotherapy side effects

Bioresonance therapy and chemotherapy

  • Supportive in killing cancer cells
  • Supportive in preventing metastasis characteristic of lymphatic cancer and cancer of the hepatocytes (liver cells)

Bioresonance therapy and radiotherapy

  • Effective in reducing radio-therapeutic side effects
  • Reduction of pain


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