Katherine Pang Li Cheng, 44 years old, Logistics

Katherine has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years. She suffered for 2 years due to the inflammation causing persistent pain. Katherine also suffers from severe vasculitis (incurable) and requires daily steroid intake. Her condition is termed ‘autoimmune disorder’.

“I suffer from an autoimmune disease, with flaring up of wounds requiring about 1 year to heal. Going for treatment, along with taking medication and practising ‘qigong’, helped my wounds to heal faster within 2-3 months.”

Before treatment at Spring Oasis

After 6 months of treatment at Spring Oasis

After more than 6 months of treatment at Spring Oasis using ONDAMED, Katherine’s condition improved drastically. She no longer experienced inflammation and reduced gradually her steroid intake.

Glenn Chen, 14 years old, Student

Glenn had one episode of eczema at young age. It returned on 2014. He had seen dermatologist for skin condition, were prescribed steroid medication but the condition has not been improved. His atopic eczema cause him to become low self-esteem and lost of confident.

“Doctors at the National Skin Centre prescribed medicine for my skin. However, there were no observable changes in skin condition. With this treatment, I slowly started to have fewer flare-ups and even when one occurred, they were of much lower severity. There was visibly less redness of the skin on a normal basis.”

Before treatment at Spring Oasis

After months of treatment at Spring Oasis

After months of treatment at Spring Oasis using ONDAMED, Glenn’s condition is under controlled.

Chronic Shoulder Pain

M. Lau, Business Woman

“I has been suffering from chronic shoulder pain due to previous episode of injuries. I have difficulty bending my shoulder, the joint is so stiff and I experience pain whenever I bend at larger magnitude. By using ONDAMED, it has help to relieve tension at the shoulder, I was surprised that after one only session of ONDAMED, I could finally relieve from the pain. It really help me to be able to cope with daily life activities.”

Before treatment at Spring Oasis


Before treatment, the body area with brighter color tone (white and red) are the painful area covering the left and right shoulder.

After treatment at Spring Oasis


There is a great reduction in pain in the affected area shown by reduction in the colour tone, indicating reduction in inflammation.

Knee Pain

Mdm Lim, 66 years old, Retiree

Patient Lim suffer from knee osteoarthritis, feeling painful at both knee and require support to stand up from sitting or lying. Thermography show brighter colour on left knee (higher temperature) and varicosis.

Before treatment at Spring Oasis


Patient have difficulty bending knee, standing from sitting position, morning stiffness, and pain.

After treatment at Spring Oasis


ONDAMED has help improve knee movement, as patient report more flexibility at left knee.

Sharmaine, 20 years old

“The ONDAMED is amazing. It greatly reduced pain due to my chronic scoliosis condition.”

Benny Chen, 44 years old

Joyce is dedicated and skillful staff, she is able to hold a conversation and allowed me to drift off to sleep without being too chatty. I will highly recommend her to others.

Rishi Le Colley, 4 years old (written by mother)

We have seen a tremendous amount of progress in Rishi. His aggressive behavior and anxiety have been controlled down to a point that he has become such a happy and rational child. He is more affection than usual and he is talking more. More importantly he is willing to try many new things without resistance the hugs & kisses us a lot and says I love you spontaneously.


Sarah Loh, 10 years old (written by mother)

Sarah has difficulty focusing and understanding concepts in Maths & Science. She cannot understand models and she has been failing her Maths. It was the year in 2014 where she will be stressed. I was worried she will be downgraded for foundation for Maths. I sent her to Spring Oasis daily during her June holidays in 2014. Her marks for final year exam improved drastically from 20+ to 69 thereafter weekly treatment at Spring Oasis. Thank you Spring Oasis!

Michelle Lieu, 44 years old

I was having a very chesty cough and know that I will be coming down with a bad throat injection and spitting lots of green yellowish phlegm. After visit to Spring Oasis for ONDAMED Biofeedback Treatment and BICOM Bioresonance Treatment and felt much refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatments. Surprisingly the chest felt more comfortable and less phlegm. Amazing!