ONDAMED: A non-disease label approach to improving body functions versus treating disease

An approach that rapidly allows you to find the hidden physiological and emotional cause of your symptoms while simultaneously stimulating your nervous system with specific therapeutic fields. Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhancing metabolism in cells & cellular environment

  • Affecting different kinds of tissue including soft tissue, cartilage, and even bone

  • Improving lymphatic flow

  • Strengthening immune functions

  • Affecting the autonomic and central nervous systems by infiltrating impulses in the brain wave patterns.

    How it works: The human body works on the basis of bio-physics and bio-chemistry. While traditional medicine has much to offer in the chemical sense, it lacks the therapeutic approach of physics. Practitioners use the non-invasive ONDAMED® technology and the biofeedback loop to scan the body for underlying dysfunctions, such as inflammation, infections, scar tissue and emotional trauma residing at a cellular level. These areas often prove to be the source of disease and symptoms that might be otherwise difficult to find. Identified areas are treated with specific pulsed electro-magnetic fields to stimulate tissue and the nervous system. Stimulus with ONDAMED specific pulsed fields helps reduce local stress and improve metabolism and lymphatic flow resulting in reduced inflammation, pain and swelling, while improving stress tolerance by reducing cortisol levels and by influencing the nervous system.

Within minutes, the ONDAMED therapist finds the specific treatment stimuli for the patient, finds the actual location that is in need to receive the therapy and treats the discovered area by applying a systemic therapeutic stimulus. The stimulus energizes the flow of electrons across natural immune system inflammation barriers. These barriers are often undetectable or untreatable in any other way, and include free radical scavengers.

When placing the non-intrusive applicator to a specific area, electrons and white blood cells are summoned to the area to start the repair process. ONDAMED, therefore, jump-starts the body’s immune functions and directs the immune response to the area of dysfunction, which is often hidden or in “stealth mode” to the immune system.

Tissue vibration can enable detoxification of unwanted heavy metals, waste and toxins, potentially resulting in improved metabolic functions. Nutrients, remedies and supplements can then be assimilated by “cleaner” or detoxified tissue and cells.

The lymphatic system (an important part of the immune system) can also be stimulated. Toxins and waste can then be discharged by stool, urine, sweat and the release of fluid in other areas such as the eyes by discharging tears.

The ONDAMED epigenetic impact is now being considered, and while we appreciate that no energy system or even medications, can bring about a cure of any disease, ONDAMED shows that the body can be stimulated to heal itself.

Fortunately, the ONDAMED practitioner may often discover the influence of “out of balance” diseased cells and tissue when they pick up the response signaling of the autonomic nervous system from the patient’s issues. We therefore, enjoy great expectations for the future of ONDAMED.

ONDAMED encompasses the individual’s specific needs at the time of discovery by finding the patient-specific treatment stimulus, the exact location that needs stimulation and non-intrusively delivers the stimulus during the same session, often providing immediate results.

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