What is RÖS’S Tei?

RÖS’S Tei is an equipment with bands emitting infrared and stimulation currents in order to provide joint Heat Treatment and Muscular Stimulation. The treatment is carried out by the application of strips in contact with the body. These strips are fitted with a heating element and electrodes for the application of muscular stimulation.

RÖS’S Tei is mainly used to stimulate blood lymphatic return and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. In addition, it reduces fatigue, relief pain, relaxes muscles and improve the skin’s elastic capacity and muscular toning. 

The benefits of thermo-stimulation have been medically proven by Dr Juan Ramón Zaragoza. To undergo treatments with the RÖS’S Tei system is an investment in yourself. People who believe in happy, healthy and quality life will enjoy these treatments. The treatments also activate and give strength to the muscles of those who can’t exercise themselves because of some disease or some other reason. This in its turn can lead to exactly that which was impossible before.



• Soft cellulite •  Hard cellulite •  Oedematous cellulite •  Firming 

• Lipo-Draining •  Intense firming •  Post-pregnancy •  Fat-reducing

•  Localised fat-reducing •  Circulatory •  Drainage •  Reduction

•  Sculpting •  Toning •  Relaxation •  Lipolytic •  Passive exercise

•  Calming passive gymnastics •  Sequential boosting