ROBOLEX is a multifunctional body contouring device that combines Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequencies (RF), Low Level Laser and Vacuum Suction. By enhancing the blood circulation and lymph drainage of dissolved lipocytes, the elasticity of the applied area is maintained by using the Vacuum Suction.

Ultrasonic Cavitation (UC)
Ultrasonic cavitation technology is a non-invasive technology based on ultrasonic waves. UC generates empty micro bubbles in the liquid situated in the interior of the adipose tissues that confronts fat cells.

Radio Frequencies (RF)
Radio Frequencies infiltrated 5 to 15mm into the skin. Oxygen is put intracellular by heat. There is rapid drainage of dissolved lipocyte from the body to the outside of the lymph drainage and blood circulation, which maintains the elasticity on treated area.

Low Level Laser
This treatment helps dissolve fat and create skin elasticity using low level of 655mm laser. A low level laser energy treatment is applied to stimulate fat cell membranes and change their permeability. The cells will then lose their round and intracellular fat for a physical slimming effect.

Vacuum Suction
Vacuum negative pressure helps the reduction of cellulite. Something that is difficult to solve by dieting and exercising. Not only does it improve the edema by reactivating the muscle function and softening skin tissues. It also helps improve skin quality. The massage effect of the vacuum is used for particularly blocking vessels and helping circulation of lymph. Thus, loose skin can be avoided.

Dissolve fat where under 5mm from the skin by 655nm laser RF infiltrates into 5~15mm from the skin. Spread oxygen into intracellular by heating soften skin with negative pressure made by vacuum and help to distribute energy evenly.


METHOD Obesity care by Multi-functional treatment
(RF + Endomologie + Laser)
Optional item : Ultlasound cavitation.

FEATURE Completion of wanted body shape by selective reduction of fat cell and Cellulite with non invasive treatment.

THEORY destruction of lipocyte by combination operation with negative pressure in lipocyte & ultrasound cavitation.

SAFETY Complementary lipolysis treatment way in safe to prevent the risk by liposuction and to get rid of uncertainty by injection therapy.

EFFECT Confirmation of reduction for size & body shape by 3~4 times treatment and it prevents the wrinkled line on the reduced part after treatment.