PIP: Stress Tracker

What if you could not only measure your stress but learn to control it?

The PIP is a revolutionary biosensor that helps you really learn to relax, improve your performance in any aspect of your life and combat stress. Available for both iOS and Android, the PIP detects whether you are stressing or relaxing in real time.

The PIP achieves this through biofeedback which is a process where the user learns to control an aspect of their physiology that they are not usually aware of. By providing continuous information on whether or not they are “doing the right thing”, the user evolves a personal strategy that produces the desired result.

We’ve made the PIP super-easy to use. Just hold it between your fingertips and it will communicate your stress level wirelessly to a game or app running on your smartphone or tablet. An ever-expanding suite of gaming and entertainment apps will be available, allowing you to visualize your relaxation and master your stress in a fun and engaging way.

In today’s fast-paced world, the PIP is designed to suit your lifestyle – highly portable, easy to use and above all, fun. The PIP is a unique product that empowers you to beat stress, when and where you want to.

How does it work?

When you are in a stressful situation your body’s flight or fight response  is activated. As a result, blood is rushed to the periphery of the body which causes your sweat glands to activate. This activation changes the conductivity of your skin and is referred to as the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).

Held between your finger and thumb, the PIP captures those changes and transmits them, via Bluetooth, to your mobile device.

Visit our setup page to discover more companion apps.

Build resilience

By helping students improve their mental resilience, you’re helping them develop the coping mechanisms and confidence to face whatever personal and academic challenges come their way.

Versatile training tool

Pip can be incorporated into classroom based activities or used by students on an individual basis. Suitable for all ages, Pip has been developed with leading Stress Experts and is backed by science.

Empowered Staff

A calm and collected mind leads to better decision making and problem solving, increasing productivity and confidence.


Happier, healthier students

Improving the mental wellness of students fosters a positive classroom which can result in a better learning environment.

Happier, healthier employees

Helping your employees manage everyday stress benefits both them as individuals and your company.

Positive work enviroment

Investing in mental well-being can result in higher staff retention and lower workplace absenteeism.