What is ONDAMED?

ONDAMED is a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy device that employs biofeedback of the patient’s specific frequencies, to encourage cellular healing and regeneration. Introduced by German electronics engineer Rolfe Binder in 1994. The ONDAMED is based on both traditional and pioneering Western and Eastern healing techniques (including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy).

It is based on the concept which recognises that living organisms are energy systems. The state of health of which is determined by the condition and flow of the contained energy. Any imbalance in this flow by way of a blockage or leakage is what underlies every disorders or diseases.

Who will benefit from ONDAMED PEMF Therapy?

We believe almost everyone can benefit from ONDAMED Therapy. ONDAMED can be beneficial alone or it can complement other therapies. If you are recovering from trauma or disease, dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, or bone loss, or if you are generally healthy and want to increase vitality, it may help you build up your resistance and stamina and feel better.

Clinical Studies has showed that PEMF aid to:

  • Reduce pain, inflammation and edema
  • Facilitate cellular repair and regeneration
  • Improve blood circulation and activate lymphatic drainage
  • Support elimination of toxins
  • Promote absorption of nutrients and minerals
  • Improve sleep patterns and mood, and increase vitality
  • Reduce the harmful effects of geopathic and environmental stress

How does ONDAMED PEMF Therapy work?

The ONDAMED device is able to find and correct these imbalances and so to reverse ANY ailment arising from them. By feeling the pulse of the patient, the practitioner is able to detect Vascular Autonomic Signals (VAS) and help the patients.

The Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) is an arterial wall response discovered by Paul Nogier in 1968. A VAS occurs when specific stimuli such as the waves the ONDAMED device directs at the patient, meet and resonate with the normal arterial pulse wave  By dialing through the stored frequencies in the device, the practitioner matches the waves from the device with the normal pulse wave of the patient and determines which wave (and in which location) resonates with the normal pulse wave and so elicits a vascular autonomic signal.

Such a resonating ONDAMED wave will, unfailingly, also restore balance into the patient’s energy field and the various bodily organs, and at the same time correct whatever ailments may be on-going at the time.

In this way, it is the absolutely authentic VAS from the patient which determines the treatment as opposed to what the practitioner ‘suspects’ or what the patient ‘feels’, both of which, quite often are from no more than referred signs and symptoms of the moment, having little to do with the primary cause.

Why choose ONDAMED PEMF Therapy?

Non-invasive & Safe

The patient is allowed to sit or lie in a comfortable position with the applicators positioned at the targeted areas. The treatment is painless.

The device delivers PEMFs with signals closely matching that of the earth. The very low intensity PEMFs range from 0.1 to 32,000 Hz  generates a current of electricity in the cells. It is, however, safe because it never delivers more than what the body’s own electrical system generates.

ONDAMED Treatment


Humans are energy systems radiating electromagnetic waves, allowing the ONDAMED’s Biofeedback System to guide the practitioner in identifying hidden areas of physiological weaknesses (e.g. inflammation and diseased tissue).


We are also receptive to electromagnetic vibrations, allowing the device to induce low frequency electromagnetic impulses into the body’s fluids, organs, tissue and cells. The connective tissue of the body facilitates the flow of electrons between these areas, balancing the body’s homeostatic processes. This targeted therapy, can then work by activating the immune system, lymphatic system and metabolic processes.

During a treatment session, the practitioner places applicators appropriately and scans the body with a range of supportive frequencies to determine which ones are best for therapy. Individual results will vary and repeated program applications may be required for weeks or months as it works best for chronic conditions. Other therapies may give lasting benefit with just a few applications.