AcuZyme Pro+

What is AcuZyme Pro+?

AcuZyme Pro+ has the ideal combination of far-infrared heating and low frequency stimulation, which provides the most effective management especially for abdominal obesity by promoting Cellulite reduction and Lymphatic Drainage at the same time. It is effective in stimulating blood circulation to drain decomposed fat, water and toxic wastes. In addition, it helps to improve constipation, stiff and painful shoulder and internal organs elasticity.


1. Cellulite Decomposition and Abdominal Obesity Care through repeated tapping and strengthening internal organ’s elasticity
2. Lymphatic Drainage to stimulate and drain decomposed fats, water and toxic water
3. Firming of muscles which are not exercised to burn calories and increase metabolism of stored body fats as well as tightening sagging muscles
4. Pain Reduction with increase blood flow to release fatigue and muscular pain, thereby create therapeutic physiological effect The unique acu-point handheld and footwear promote acupressure stimulation and blood flow, thereby stimulating effective blood circulation and lymph drainage to combat cellulite formation.