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Spring Oasis’s blog is here to help you stay up to date on the movement for healthier life.

Leading an overall healthy and happy life is something most people aim for. Yet, some are still learning what it takes to achieve this level of success.

Being in a state of wellbeing that’s fulfilling in your eyes is the key to true happiness. So for some, success is about financial wellness and health, then for other’s, it’s all about relationship wellness and fitness.

Those who focus on a more holistic approach to their well-being are more likely to obtain a more balanced life that’s fulfilling in more ways than one.

And that’s where wellness blogs come into play. These act as a platform and resource for anyone who’s looking to improve their wellness on different levels.

Our blog focus on one or more of these dimensions, providing readers with a way to improve their lifestyles.

lactose intolerance

What Are The Symptoms With Lactose Intolerance?

The adverts are everywhere, lactose-free alternatives that will change your life. Milk, cheese, butter, & yogurt have all received the lactose-free treatment. They offer those with intolerance the opportunity to enjoy the foods they love and not experience the symptoms that they don’t. But what are the symptoms of lactose intolerance?Read More

pet allergy

Debunking Common Pet Allergy Myths

Allergies are a serious problem for many people, with reactions ranging from flu and cold-like sniffling and sneezing to severe illness and even death. Unfortunately, the word “allergy” has been greatly bastardized over the years. People claim they’re “allergic” to everything from guacamole to chocolate and cigarette smoke when, in reality,Read More

What’s the Difference Between Atopic Eczema, Rosacea and Psoriasis?

Atopic eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis), psoriasis and rosacea may all present with similar skin symptoms, this can often make it difficult to determine which skin condition you might actually have. There are a couple of factors that differentiate one condition from the other. These factors include what areas ofRead More

How PEMF Therapy Encourages Healthy Cell Growth and Balances Your Immune System

How PEMF Therapy Enhances Your Immune System

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is fast gaining ground as an alternative therapy for various types of medical conditions. Practitioners and patients alike attest to its benefits when it comes to relieving pain, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, and enhancing the function of the immune system. The research on PEMF isRead More

What is a Breast Thermography?

One in every 4 to 5 people in Singapore may develop cancer in their lifetime, and the number of people living with cancer will continue to increase.When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is key. Once a woman reaches the age of 40 it’s important that she starts seeingRead More

ROBOLEX 全方位纖體滅脂緊致療程

ROBOLEX 全方位纖體滅脂緊致療程 一次療程,30分鐘,4種模式 透過結合超聲波空穴效應、RF單極及多極射頻、低能量激光及真空負壓技術,能有助減滅脂肪細胞,有助分解脂肪、暢通血液循環和淋巴、激活膠原增生、緊致松弛肌膚及改善水腫,完美達至全方位緊致塑身。 超聲波空穴效應 低頻率超聲波有助分解脂肪,當超聲波產生壓縮波,從而產生微小的氣泡及變大,直到脂肪細胞壁破裂從而加強空穴效應。 RF單極及多極射頻 雙極射頻能提供熱能 (透熱效應) 深入真皮層,刺激膠原蛋白增生,改善輪廓線條。而多極射頻能滲入 5mm 至 15mm 的表層和真皮層,透過新陳代謝及淋巴系統激活代謝排水功能。 低能量激光 采用波長為 655nm 的激光 (低強度),使脂肪組織更容易液化和移走。低能量激光可以幫助改變脂肪組織細胞膜的通透性,並使液化的脂肪組織進入細胞間空間,從而更容易分解脂肪。 真空負壓 能有助改善身體輪廓及減少日常難以減去的脂肪,改善身體線條。同時,透過肌肉重組及軟化令肌膚組織得以改善,能去除皮膚的老化角質,亦有助改善橙皮紋及水腫。  適用部位: 面部、手臂、背部、腰腹、後腰側、大腿、小腿   所需時間: 療程約30分鐘(每部位)   療程後注意: 每三個月定期做保養護理及配合飲食療程和做定期的運動以保持良好的效果。

Breast Thermography: Better Risk Assessment

Breast thermography is a non-invasive and painless test, with no radiation involved. It can detect and monitor early warning signs of breast cancer. This type of breast cancer screening is particularly useful for people under the age of 50. This is because mammography, another type of screening, can be less effective for thisRead More


THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE From blood-letting to genetic engineering Over the course of time medicine has advanced into ever more narrowly defined areas. In the early Middle Ages medicine was still largely based on vague beliefs and assumptions retained from ancient times. Little by little the internal workings of theRead More

The Importance of Testing Your Allergies

Allergies are a result of your immune system overreacting to something in your environment. This overreaction can cause sneezing, watery eyes, blocked sinuses and a runny nose. Fortunately, allergy testing can determine what you are allergic to. This makes it easier to know which medications can help you, allows you to avoidRead More

9 Best Sleep Positions for Each of These Health Problems

A decent night rest is a standout amongst the most critical things with regards to individuals’ well-being. Ordinarily, every human mull over normal from 7 to 9 hours for each night or 25 years in a lifetime. Despite the fact that, to get enough rest is vital yet the correct position ofRead More