The Importance of Testing Your Allergies

Allergies are a result of your immune system overreacting to something in your environment. This overreaction can cause sneezing, watery eyes, blocked sinuses and a runny nose. Fortunately, allergy testing can determine what you are allergic to. This makes it easier to know which medications can help you, allows you to avoid your allergy triggers and eliminates the chances of an overreaction.Some people believe the only reason to visit an allergist is to start shots, but there are a lot of other reasons to test your allergies.

 Why need to do allergy testing?

Allergy testing can help avoid serious health implications or overreactions and it may relieve some of your stress if you find out you are allergy free. When patients are asked their level of tolerance for the 5 common allergens including dust mites, cat, dog, dairy and grass pollen, their predictions are often far from accurate.

Patients reports and their histories are not clear indicators of true allergy. This makes allergy testing even more important and beneficial because it tells you exactly what to stay away from. Simply looking at history and patients reports to predict allergies is not reliable. Allergy testing can inform patients exactly what to stay away from and avoid overreactions.

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