SME Prestige Award

Spring Oasis was awarded the SME Prestige Award 2013/2014.

The SME Prestige Award is presented to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have demonstrated ‘exceptional accomplishments in the business field’. Such accomplishments encompass impressive track records, dedication, good branding and quality services and products offered to consumers.

Founded in 2012 by its Director, Mr Leong Khong Nan, Spring Oasis Pte Ltd is a local business that deals with the wellness of its clients. Spring Oasis is a first-class health medical wellness centre that takes on an integrative approach to optimize one’s mind, body and spiritual well being. To heal people and to allow them to attain better health without any medication but through the use of machines, it was with these in mind that this healing sanctuary was eventually set up.

Be rest assured as Spring Oasis is led by a team  medical consultants and therapists who are passionately committed to the wellness of their clients catering to every client’s individual needs. Expect nothing short of an extraordinary experience at Spring Oasis, as they understand the need to listen and cater to every client’s concerns before customizing the treatment programs to their needs.

As a new start up, it is no surprise that challenges were rife. Spring Oasis uses a new kind of technology that has not been introduced to the local market. This, however, may seem quite difficult when it comes to getting customers’ acceptance. In addition, Spring Oasis faced several other challenges such as its location, which may seem inaccessible to some and this was solved by many customers’ referrals and recommendation. Just like any newly set up business, word of mouth is an effective way of marketing.

What make Spring Oasis stand out from its competitors are its services. It uses advanced medical science, accompanied with spa technologies that have been carefully researched and thoroughly assessed. This revolutionary holistic health concept hails from Europe and America, transforming hundreds and thousands of lives globally. Spring Oasis also uses natural products, which are suitable for both adults and children.

On top of that, Spring Oasis had successfully registered with Health Science Authority of Singapore on the usage of Ondamed, a Class II medical device which uses Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF). The device is so safe and effective that practitioners trained by Spring Oasis can use it on clients. Many clients who suffered from various chronic diseases like eczema, end stage renal disease, auto immune disease, food allergies, cancer, hepatic diseases and etc. have benefited from the treatment performed by Ondamed. We do not claim to cure diseases but PEMF jumpstarts the cellular metabolism of the individuals so they are able to cope with infections with improved immune functions. Besides Ondamed, Spring Oasis uses Bicom Bioresonance to determine allergies and treat them safely with it. This device is imported from Germany and it has helped many people around the world.

At the helm of the business, Mr and Mrs Leong shares that hard work and dedication are important in making Spring Oasis so successful today. As much as these attributes are important, what kept Mr Leong going forward is his clients’ satisfaction when the desired results are being achieved. With such passion and drive to move forward in this industry, you can count on Spring Oasis to provide you with nothing but only the best.