Our Philosophy

Advanced technology in complimentary medicine has contributed significantly to medical science in providing a more comprehensive combined treatment alternative to clinical conditions, which were previously not being well addressed. Our treatment philosophy is to manage pain at the ease of our patients using revolutionary Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) medical device, known as ONDAMED. ONDAMED resonates wave that restores balance into the patient’s energy field and the various bodily organs. Having been restored, the organs spontaneously recover their power to self repair and healing. We believed pain relate to all aspect of health, ONDAMED is capable of multi-level biophysic diagnosis and treatment, thus enabling effective restoration of health and aid in cellular healing. Our goal is to provide alternatives to patients with therapeutically effective results. We provide only evidence-based, scientifically researched treatment method and clinically promising results on various pain related events so that various lifelong pains can be manageable.