Our Founders


Medical Director & Consultant

Spring Oasis was set up in 2012 by Dr Lee-Leong who was very inspired by the results of Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) in treatment of chronic wounds, inflammation, and chronic pain management on a global basis. She had understudied Dr. Med. Wolf-Dieter Kessler (www.dr-kessler.com) in Ondamed treatment and other natural healing techniques in Germany. The Kessler Clinic in Germany has been renowned for using functional medicine to treat patients from around the world.

At Spring Oasis, Dr Lee-Leong effectively incorporated the use of functional medicine, a medical approach that uses a variety of complimentary, integrative and conventional diagnostic techniques and therapies to assess and treat the cause of malfunctions in the body.  Thus helping many individuals who come to Spring Oasis regain their health and wellness.