About Us

Spring Oasis is a first-class Health and Wellness Medical Centre that takes an integrative approach to optimize your mind, body and spiritual well-being. Founded in 2012 by Directors Mr Leong and Mrs Leong, Spring Oasis has since specialized in using ONDAMED, a Health Science Authority (HSA) registered Class B medical device which applies electromagnetic energy (EM) to the body to alleviate pain associated with various disorders such as chronic pain, intractable pain and/ or as adjunctive treatment for the management of post-traumatic pain and post operative pain. This device is also used for wounds treatment and soft tissue injuries.

Furthermore, using BICOM Bioresonance we also provide treatment to patients suffering from food allergy and intolerance; and other issues such as degenerative cells. We do not prescribe medicines but we use a combination of both above-mentioned medical device to treat patients personalized to their condition. All treatments are all together non-invasive and safe even for babies of age 1.  At Spring Oasis, our highly qualified consultants and therapist endeavor to provide individualized treatment protocol to bring the best therapeutic effect to every patient.