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Spring Oasis works with you to uncover factors that contribute to your health challenge before recommending a combination of natural therapy treatments. We believe in addressing the root and not just treating the symptoms.


Before drawing up a treatment plan, our practitioner will conduct an initial assessment for therapy matching and planning. Assessment is simple and straightforward.


Sessions vary in length depending on the therapy. On average they last about 30 minutes. During the session, patients sit or lie in a totally relaxed position. Methods used by us have no harmful side effects and is completely pain-free.


The number of sessions varies depending on the patient and their history. Sometimes, just a few sessions produce a lasting effect. In some cases, treatments must be repeated at longer intervals.

Our Philosophy

At Spring Oasis, employing therapies to optimize wellness and bioenergetic balance are the focus of our practice. Our clients are treated for their individual needs. Our practitioners listen to your health concerns and devote the necessary time to understand your individual complexities. Through this process, we are able to develop individualized plans to overcome chronic health issues and achieve wellness.

Our Services

- Western -

ondamed pemf-1


is a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy device that employs biofeedback of the patient’s specific frequencies, to encourage cellular healing and regeneration.


BICOM Bioresonance Therapy

is a non-invasive, gentle therapy that assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and so helps to restore ‘self-regulation’, allowing the body to heal itself.

thermal imaging on man

Thermography Imaging

is a non-invasive clinical imaging technique for detecting and monitoring diseases and physical injuries by showing any thermal abnormalities present in the body.

- Eastern -

Acupuncturist prepares to tap needle into patients hand


Acupuncture helps to release this blockage in the body then stimulates the healing response.

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Acupressure will increase blood circulation, a release of muscular tension, etc.

healthy massage on tummy for bladder relaxation

Tui Na

Tuina makes use of various hand techniques including massage and acupressure.

The levels of the person are the body, mind, spirit, social, and environmental. It is impossible to separate these or to know where one starts and another stops. Thus these parts can not be reduced or analyzed separately. When there is ease of flow of things in these levels the person is in health.

2018 A message from Dr. Silvia Binder about ONDAMED

Spreading the message of this therapeutic device to create awareness of this available therapy for healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Hear our bodies out!


Diabetes Support

Chronic Lethargy




What people are saying!

“I suffer from an autoimmune disease, with flaring up of wounds requiring about 1 year to heal. Going for treatment, along with taking medication and practising ‘qigong’, helped my wounds to heal faster within 2-3 months.”
Katherine Pang
“Doctors at the National Skin Centre prescribed medicine for my skin. However, there were no observable changes in skin condition. With this treatment, I slowly started to have fewer flare-ups and even when one occurred, they were of much lower severity. There was visibly less redness of the skin on a normal basis.”
Glen Chen
“I have difficulty bending my shoulder, the joint is so stiff and I experience pain whenever I bend at larger magnitude. By using ONDAMED, it has help to relieve tension at the shoulder, I was surprised that after one only session of ONDAMED, I could finally relieve from the pain. It really help me to be able to cope with daily life activities.”
M. Lau